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Become a partner

Our aim at Cyber Alarm is to make the internet safer for small and medium-sized businesses.

But it’s not a zero-sum game – we are very happy to work with other like-minded businesses to help their clients stay safe online.

We know that many small companies outsource their whole IT function to third parties which work tirelessly to provide them with support, advice and technical engineering. However monitoring the internet 24/7 often gets overlooked when other more obvious needs are being attended to.

Cyber Alarm offers two ways to partner with service providers, IT support companies and larger organisations looking to help their clients.

Option 1 is to work become a Cyber Alarm Affiliate and refer your clients to us.
Option 2 allows you to resell Cyber Alarm directly to your clients.


Extra services for your clients

Instantly increase your value in the eyes of your clients by adding security monitoring to the services you already provide.

Help your clients understand their needs

Cyber Alarm can shows you a profile of what services your clients have online. You can identify unused or newly signed up for services and help your client them with.

Provide regular security reporting

Our cybersecurity reports can be white labelled and distributed to your clients as part of your regular account management.

Free up your staff to focus on other things

You may be able to offer many of the different services Cyber Alarm, provides but we bring them all together in a single automated product leaving you free to focus on day-to-day support and consulting.

Respond to attacks before your clients call you

With our 24/7 automated monitoring and alerting, you can protect your clients by informing them of cyber attacks before they have even become aware of them.

Join our community

All partners become part of the Cyber Alarm community and receive expert support and advice on cyber incident planning and response as well as proactive remediation assistance.